Thursday, November 29, 2007


Mmmm, sushi. I could honestly eat it almost every day. One of our supporters first introduced me to it back in Barcelona. In the early days, I only knew of expensive sushi restaurants, so I didn’t eat it very often. Now, I almost always have the ingredients at home so I can make it when I want. All I really need to make my mouth happy is some fake crab, nori, white rice (cooked with sushi vinegar, salt and sugar) cream cheese and soy sauce. If I get fancy then I might add cucumber and avocado, and salmon. Salmon is my favorite but more pricey, so I don’t keep that stocked all the time J.

I have a few favorite sushi places. When we lived in the burbs, this place was my favorite. Ironically, it’s a Venezuelan chain, but they make good sushi. I’ve been told that a lot of what they have isn’t “typical” Japanese but I hear it anyway. They have a great lunch deal and I love their tempura veggies.

I recently found another place downtown where a never ending supply of sushi slides in front of you on the nifty little conveyor belt. And it has little taps at each seat where you can get unlimited “agua con gas” (bubbly mineral water) for a buck.

I honestly don’t have anything very witty or funny to say about sushi. Because I take my sushi very, very seriously.

Eating sushi is my wife’s way of begging the gods to strike her down with salmonella poisoning.

When we go to a sushi restaurant, I order Yakitori Dom, tempura vegetables and other fried foods that are excellent for one’s cardiac system. Fortunately, we don’t go to sushi restaurants much because whenever we do and I look at the bill afterwards, I say: “Yakitori DOH!”

Heather would eat sushi morning, noon and night. She likes it so much that she doesn't even bother cutting the sushi roll into little (useless) bite-sized pieces. I call this her “sushi burrito”. I find that adding the word “burrito” to the word “sushi” just adds to the elegance of the occasion. Heather appreciates this addition greatly.


Dad and me said...

Hey guys

Great idea! Hope you don't run out of ideas too soon. I'll visit just to read the latest "spat" between the Cadys!

Gerg said...

I am *so* going to take Heather out for sushi around the corner from my apartment the next time you guys are in Chicago. And Troy can join us, but he may want to walk down the street a little, to Flash Taco. There, he can grab tasty, lovely, greasy Tex-Mex - and then walk back while Heather and I have already downed a dragon roll, some maki, and a few other delicacies . . . while sitting out on the terrace :-)

Y'all hurry back, now! This will definitely rival Wiener's Circle :-)


kelly_w said...

i love it i love it i love it. not sushi. i mean i like sushi, but i'm not crazy about it like heather. and i like fake sushi--the kind with no meat, not even fake crab.

so what i mean i love it by is the blog. i couldn't stop reading, because i felt like i was in the room with you, on your comfy couch, your dog sprawled across my lap snoring, a piece of chocolate resting on the arm of the couch, listening and laughing. great idea.

Lee Shelton IV said...

Hey, Troy and Heather! Love the new blog.

I hate to say it, but... Actually, I don't hate to say it. Sushi rules! And I can indulge anytime I want because the cafeteria at work serves it fresh EVERY DAY! Unfortunately, it isn't served burrito-style, but I'm not complaining.

Hope all is well. Take care.

Lee (from NWC)

(By the way, I went ahead and linked to your blog here. Hope you don't mind!)

Anskov said...

I'm with Heather. I love sushi. Actually I really prefer sashimi. In Japan one time I had Ikezukuri which is a kind of sashimi where they kill the fish, cut the slices and bring the whole thing to your table. Generally the tail fin is still moving. It's a bit gross to think about, but man, that was the best sashimi I'd ever had. It doesn't get much more raw than than (unless I took a fish out of the goldfish bowl and swallowed it, but I don't think goldfish sashimi would be that good.)

Troy and Heather Cady said...


Any restaurant with the word "Flash" or "Wiener" in it is fine by me. In fact, if there is a place called "Flash Wiener", even better. Although, it also could be a little obscene too, methinks.

Smiles, T

P.S. Either way, you would make Heather's day going out to sushi with her!

Troy and Heather Cady said...

Jake: you know us, we never run out of opinions of matters of high import.

K: wish you were here!

Lee: thanks for linking to us.

Matty: your comment is watertight. I'm speechless.

Marianna said...

I'm with you, Heather! I love me some sushi! My old standby is spicy tuna, but I'll eat just about any of it. One of my favorite sushi places is Todai. It's a chain of all-you-can-eat sushi and seafood with several locations around the US. Yum!

Mary said...

I am proud to say that Heather introduced me to sushi -- and the sushi burrito -- and I loved it!

this is why God brought you into my life.