Friday, February 29, 2008


CA, as we like to call it, is the organization we work for in Europe. It is short for "Christian Associates." This week Heather and I have been in Portugal for an annual Leadership Summit held by CA and today is the last day of the conference. We thought it would be appropriate and timely to write our thoughts on our organization.

Some snapshots as to why I love CA.

1. Last year at this time, I took our Founder/President to task for something and he actually apologized. This year, the first words out of his mouth were, “Troy, I want to say again how sorry I am for blowing it last year.” I love CA for its authenticity, humility and respect for people.

2. Yesterday afternoon, during one of the sessions, they set aside time for four people to do a little role play up front. The scenario was to have a debate on a certain topic—in the style of the Jerry Springer Show. CA is an organization of laughter and I love that.

3. Just a few hours ago, Rogier Bos, a professional photographer who could charge us an arm and a leg, just volunteered about an hour of his time to take a bunch of snaps—for free. He’s done this for us many, many times. CA is invariably generous.

4. This morning in a presentation I introduced myself this way: “If Alan Hirsch is a sexy Einstein and Wes White is the unsexy Einstein, I aspire to be a medium-build, pot-bellied Heisenberg.” CA is informal. What’s more, they laugh at my jokes. We won’t be leaving any time soon.

5. CA lets us experiment. They’re willing to take risks, and they don’t always get it right, but they always let us try what’s on our hearts. CA believes in its leaders and I love that.

One of the ongoing aspects of my life that gives me joy and frankly just blesses my socks off is the group of people that Troy and I are privileged to work with. We don’t get to see them all too often since we are spread all over Europe, but when we are together it’s like coming home. There is something so amazing to me about being with a group of people that I resonate with so much.

Right now we are in Portugal with a group of leaders from CA, and it has been such a refreshing, encouraging, challenging week. I can hardly believe that’s it is Friday already and that tomorrow morning we have to say goodbye to these great people.

I think the reason I love the people of CA so much is that I can “do” so much of life with them. We laugh, cry, pray, confess, discuss, ponder, eat, play, work and all sorts of other things together. I don’t see eye to eye with all of them, or have the same personality traits, hobbies, interests as they do, but they are my family.

This week I discovered that one of my classmates from Capernwray Bible School, which I attended 20 years ago, is now church-planting with us in a new church plant in Holland. Talk about a small world!

Anyway, to all you CA people out there, you rock! I am privileged and deeply blessed to know you all.

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