Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I don’t wear contacts. If I did, I would’ve started wearing sunglasses long ago. I’ve tried wearing clip-on shades, but I couldn’t find any big enough, since my previous glasses could have doubled as crystal serving trays. Behold:

(I showed you this image on Monday, but I’m posting it again today in hopes of etching it into your psyche like a hellish nightmare.)

Anyhoo, Madrid is super sunny, so it annoyed me that I didn’t have sunglasses to wear. So, summer 2006 I got a pair of prescription sunglasses.

When I selected them, I was viewing them through my regular glasses. But, when I’m wearing my sunglasses and looking at myself in the mirror in the elevator (which Heather says I have a habit of doing), I don’t really like the way they look. When I say this, Heather just rolls her eyes at me (which, I tell Heather, she has a habit of doing).

I think my stylistic self-doubt has made me reluctant to be photographed in my sunglasses, since I could only find this one pic on file.

What do you think? Do I look studly?

Actually, I prefer this look. Meet my alter ego: T-rizzle.

Here I’m saying, “Yo, homey, whazzup? I be so down wit’ da DC Talk, fo’ shizzle.” I think I can pull it off, don’t you?

I’m also trying to take a few style pointers from my son. Observe: pyjamas, wooden cross and shades. If only I could be so cool.

I have owned approximately eleventy-billion pairs of sunglasses in my life. (I won’t be surprised if my husband feels the need to point this out in his post.) I refuse to spend more than $10/10€ on a pair, because without fail I will lose them/the dog will eat them/a child will break them/someone will sit on them in the car.

This cheap-skateness causes problems however because I also have difficulty locating my sunglasses quite frequently (and no, they have never been on top of my head. I don’t think. But perhaps.) I suppose it would better to spend $2/2€ on several duplicate pairs that I could scatter around the house in strategic places.

Several years ago I bought a little clip thingy that I attached to the visor in the car, so I would always know where my sunglasses were. But then I was faced with the dilemma of what to do if I wanted to go out with my sunglasses without the car. You can see the problem. And now, the car sits down in the parking garage most of the time, so what am I supposed to do with that?

I think the pair of sunglasses I have now is more than a year old, which is a world-record in my book. I bought them at Decathlon. So I guess I’ll know where to get the next pair when I lose this pair/the dog eats them/a child breaks them/someone sits on them on the bus or metro.


Victoria said...

i dont like wearing sunglasses. that is why i will be blind by the time im fifty. ask jonathan what happens when you look directly at the sun.

paulo said...

i have two pairs of sunglasses: my cheap pair that i bought at the dollar store in 1999 and my expensive pair that were 6 euros at the rastro. my prescription glasses are transitions. i do not like being without some kind of dark-lensed eyewear.