Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today I was walking the kids home after school, and it was raining sporadically. All three of us put our hoods up, me the hood on my fleece and they the hoods on their jackets. I joked that we looked like three Red Riding Hoods, because we were all dressed in red.

That got me thinking about how much I like the color red. One of the walls in our living room is red, and our whole bedroom is the same red. The rug in the living room is red, the striped curtains and cover on the rocking chair have red in them, and there is a red curtain panel at both living room windows.

I like red, it makes things cozy and warm. I know, it’s a random topic. In no particular order, here is a list of other red things I like:

  1. Big fat red candles.
  2. Red cotton sundresses. I bought one last summer but still have not worn it.
  3. Red pottery made by Kelly.
  4. Red purses/bags
  5. Toenails
  6. Poppies and tulips.
  7. Christmas decorations.
  8. Raspberries, cherries, strawberries, plums. (I don’t know if those all count as technically red.) If we’re talking fruit I think red apples are my least favorite.
  9. Cardinals.
  10. Red doors, mailboxes, roofs.
  11. Red shoes.
  12. Red barns.
  13. Red Vokswagon bugs.
  14. Red wine.

I’m actually so weird that I like to go to flickr and search for "red" or another color. You should try it!

14 points about red:

1. I own very few red clothes.

2. I do have two pair of red underwear.

3. One of those pair of red underwear has an embroidered Santa on them. When they were new, Santa would play a song, and his bulb nose would flash red. One day, I was in the house and I kept hearing a song. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and why at times it sounded close, while at other times it sounded far away. Later, I discovered that the song was coming from my underwear.

4. I just realized that that last sentence I wrote could be taken out of context and used against me in a court of law.

5. Another interesting thing about red: there’s a red notebook on my desk in front of me.

6. We have a red wall in our living room.

7. Heather wore red today.

8. My kids both wore red jackets today.

9. It’s hard to make me blush red.

10. It’s easier to get me to wear red blush than to get me to blush red.

11. I used to prefer red apples, but now I think I prefer green.

12. It’s easy to make Kelly Wills turn red now that she’s twitterpated.

13. The brightest red I’ve ever seen: Heather’s innards spilled out after Meaghan was removed from her belly when the doctors performed a C-section. Fresh blood really is vibrant.

14. I like the name Fred.

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paulo said...

i just learned what "twitterpated" means today. the loverly miss wills informed me.