Monday, April 21, 2008


Some very generous friends of ours recently bought us a Wii. This is a huge treat for us as it’s very unlikely that we would have been able to buy one ourselves (as there is usually more month than money in our house).

We’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and tonight was the first night I exerted my will and wrestled my way into the family lineup. I decided to start with golf, and promptly got under par by 1 on the first game I played. My husband was thoroughly disgusted, since HIS best is +2. Plus I have never swung a golf club in real life and he likes to golf. Hee hee. My beginner’s luck went a little downhill, but in an all family game, my 11-year old daughter won with grace and style, and I came in second.

Mostly I have been sitting on the couch watching Troy play tennis. Here are some of the more memorable quotes:

"Eat my grass, Ryan!"
"I love it when they fall down and hit their heads"
"Man, I can't even beat these rotten people."

I really love how he talks like they are real people! I find it hilarious to watch Meg play as well; she really gets into it. I don’t think she is particularly athletic in real life, but she’s a natural on the Wii.

So now we’ll have to resist the temptation to spend all our hard-earned dollars on Wii games!

Tonight, Heather played golf for the first time. She ended one under par. Yes, that was her first attempt. I couldn’t believe it. I need to watch out because this is one sport she can beat me at. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried playing the same game of golf as her (several), but in all my attempts the best I can do is one over par. What can I say? She’s a natural.

The first time Meaghan tried boxing, she turned into a pit bull. As she threw punches she exclaimed to “Ryan”, her cartoon opponent: “You wanna piece o’ me?!” My little meek angel turned into a spunky jabber.

Speaking of “Ryan”: he’s a much better tennis player. The first time I came up against him on the court, he beat me. Maybe that was because he was paired with someone that looked like a cross between Martina Navratilova and Michael Jackson—that, or a pug. Either description will do.

The nice thing about Wii is that it has many uses. For example, I think it would be neat to play Wii in tights and a tank top while wearing clogs.

I particularly like to see the Wii characters fall on their face when they go diving for the tennis ball. They actually kick up a cloud of dust doing so. It makes me feel not so bad about all those times my schnoz dug divots out of the court while bursting for a tough shot.

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Victoria said...

you guys are hilarious. but now i have a vision of troy in tights, a tank top and clogs. *shudder*