Monday, May 5, 2008


Troy wanted to know why I always pick topics that I can use to “get at him.” I told him I didn’t pick them for that reason. But, that doesn’t mean that if the opportunity arises…

ANYWAY! Leftovers! Troy and I have very differing opinions on leftovers. These fall into two categories. The first category is hot/cold. Troy must always eat leftovers piping hot; so hot in fact that he

a) has to wait for them to cool back down before he can eat them or

b) sears the roof of his mouth

I am quite happy to eat mine cold. Last week I made meatloaf, for the first time in probably more than a year. Part of my motivation was that I was craving a meatloaf sandwich. Which I ate, cold, and it was spectacular. Troy ate one too. His was piping hot. I also like to eat cold chicken curry, usually scooping it up with a tortilla.

Which brings us to the second category, eaten/left in fridge to rot until one of us decides to dump it out. I am not that bothered about eating things again. Troy, on the other hand, has a strict code of leftovers. There can be perfectly good leftovers in the fridge and he will eat a PB&J or toast. For example, he will eat my “spaghetti“ for leftovers but he will only eat chicken curry the first time around.

There is a container of some pasta in the fridge I made, that cannot be saved.

As I write this I am enjoying a leftover meatloaf sandwich and so is Heather. Heather and I have different views regarding leftovers. I need to heat mine and she almost always eats hers cold. For example, I heated my meatloaf for 1.5 minutes while she took hers right out of the fridge and plopped it on her bread.

I also maintain strict guidelines regarding appropriate times of day to eat leftovers. Heather is known for eating lunch or supper leftovers for breakfast.

She has also been known to confuse leftover functionality. Leftover functionality is the art of maintaining roles for certain foods. For example, curry sauce should not be used as a chip dip. And, cranberry sauce: if it is not used as a spread for a sandwich on Thanksgiving Day, it should not be used as such the day after. To use leftover portions outside of their designated functions causes one to experience Leftover Func. Leftover Func is functionality cut short.

There are many leftovers I will not eat. For example, we have a pasta thingy in the fridge. It has been in there now for, I’m guessing, a week. Unless Heather eats it, it will go to waste. She hates this.

I will eat pizza, Chinese food, meatloaf, French toast, sloppy joes, and hamburgers for leftovers, so don’t start accusing me of not eating leftovers.

Also, if we have leftover ice cream, I will eat that.


Victoria said...

nine out of ten times i side with troy on most of these discussions. however, on the topic of leftovers, heather and i are the most bosomest of buddies. I LOVE COLD LEFTOVER SANDWICHES!!!!!!! in fact i love them so much that it evens out all the times i agree with troy to about 50%. cold delicious leftovers are very important to me.

paulo said...

i prefer to have leftovers cold, actually, unless i can find a good way and reason to heat them up. just nuking doesn't always do it for me. there's something comforting in eating cold leftovers--like getting in touch with a long lost friend or something...that you eat. and i think it's super creative to find new ways of eating the same thing. respect. :) miss you, t.