Thursday, August 21, 2008


Please help me solve one of life’s greatest mysteries: should we spell it “doughnut” or “donut”?

On the one hand, I think the first spelling is better because they’re made of dough. But that theory breaks down because they don’t always have nuts. In some ways the second spelling makes more sense, because Homer Simpson, who loves donuts, often says, “Doh!” –and he’s a nut.

The only problem with that theory is: the extra “H” in the spelling.

Therefore, I propose a spelling change to: DOHnut.

Now that that enigma has been unraveled I can get to more important matters. I hereby declare that the best DOHnuts in the world can be found at the Minnesota State Fair.

For starters, these DOHnuts come in a small bag that crackles when you put your thumb and forefinger in, thereby adding to the intrinsic classiness of the DOHnut-eating experience. They’re always hot and greasy. They’re sprinkled with sugar and melt in your mouth.

My grandma used to make sugared DOHnuts with leftover mashed potatoes. Believe it or not, they were delish.

After those tasty delights, I prefer Krispy Kreme and then Dunkin’ Donuts.

I like all varieties, including:

-Classic glazed
-Chocolate glazed
-Glazed jelly filled
-Powdered jelly filled
-Frosted maple
-Blueberry cake
-Long Johns
-Cinnamon with apple filling
-Custard filled
-Glazed with Veggiemite filling

Now you have two questions to respond to: how do you spell DOHnuts, and which one is your fav?

I’m a little dismayed that Troy chose this topic because now I want to get on the bus and go over to Dunkin Coffee (that’s what they call them in Madrid now) and stuff a donut or 3 in my face. And also some of their little crispy hash brown thingies because you can’t get them anywhere else in Spain. But that’s sort of off topic.

Although I will occasionally divert to eating a filled donut, I almost always stick to plain ole’ glazed. They have always been my favorite. If I can get a warm Krispy Kreme, I’m happy, but I’ll take a Dunkin’ if necessary.

My first job in North America was waitressing at a shop in Brantford, Ontario. This is quite bemusing actually, because the clear boss in Canadian donut circles is Tim Horton’s. But I didn’t work for them. I don’t think Mr. C’s is open any more. We did indeed serve MORE than donuts though. Personally, I enjoyed the apple muffins, and the beef pot pies because they had NO peas in them. Actually, it was just full of tasty beef. I would smear the top with ketchup and salt and pepper. Yummy! Oops, again, off topic.

Personally, I consider it a great accomplishment that I know how to roll fresh donuts in powdered sugar, then use the fancy filling dispenser and fill them to bursting with apple, strawberry or raspberry filling. It’s probably the most valuable job skill I have!


Justin said... is totally weird how just thinking of a glazed DOHnut made me really want one. I also love maple bars...Jen's dad is a baker and makes really good ones!

megan said...

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts. I am going there in 33 minutes 'cause they are hot and fresh from 7-11. mmmmm