Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I don’t know yet what my husband wrote about candles, but I have to enter a disclaimer here: I don’t burn all my candles. I only don’t burn my star shaped Christmas candles, but that’s just so that I can enjoy them year and after year. Anyway, maybe we should save that for another post. I do tend to be sparing with the candles though, because I hate it when they burn down and have to be replaced. Troy is forever lighting candles an hour before people come over and I am forever telling him to wait until it’s 10 minutes before they come.

I love smelly candles. My favorites are Yankee Candles. When we go on furlough every other summer I love to go in and fill up a sampler pack with yummy smelling candles. Granted, if I stay in there too long I get a headache from all the smells, but that is probably a good thing. I like to get different smells for different seasons. I almost always run out though, between furloughs.

Thankfully, Ikea has a small selection of scented candles, and they are pretty cheap. I love to buy a big pack of the tea lights because I feel like I can burn them every day. We burn a candle at the table every morning during breakfast; the kids practically won’t start eating until the lamp is lit.I love candles. If we had lots o’ money, I think I’d like to own a candle store. I like the smelly kind. I especially like…um…I think it’s called “Pink Lace.”

No kidding.

No really, I’m not joking, so stop your dang laughing.

I don’t know what it is about candles that I like. Maybe it’s that they remind me of Dracula.

On my work desk, I have four candles (one large candle and three tea lights). If I know I am going to be working there for a considerable stretch of time (which is not always the case, because I don’t work that much, actually) I will light the candles, brew some tea and put on some nice piano or classical guitar music. I find that puts me in just the right mood to write all those stinging emails to those folk I consider my bitterest enemies.

I do fear, though, that I have given you the wrong impression about my feelings concerning candles. I really do like them. I’m not your typical “guy” that way, you know.

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