Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fast Food

I admit, when asked to choose between Burger King and McDonalds, I’m a McDonalds girl all the way. Never mind that “Have it Your Way” baloney. My husband likes his burgers “HIS WAY” and let me tell you, they have a hard time actually getting it right. It’s true world-wide. “Have it your way” REALLY means “Have it however we decide to give it to you.”

My standard at McDonalds in any country is a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Because it has cheese. And onions. I love me some onions on my hamburgers. If I’m in Spain, I have it with Coke Light, if in the US, cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper . Or a chocolate shake. And I need at least three packets of ketchup with my fries, preferably four so I don’t have to skimp.

Speaking of shakes, my second favorite is Arby’s, which much to my dismay, we don’t have in Spain. If we did, I would go out right now and get a regular roast beef (and put lots of Arby’s and horsey sauce on it), curly fries and a jamocha shake. Then I would proceed to dip the fries into my shake. No ketchup required!

Coming in third, we have KFC, because FRIED CHICKEN. But mostly because of their coleslaw. I love their coleslaw more than any coleslaw in the world. And I like it best in Spain because they have French fries instead of nasty fake mashed potatoes. And sporks.

I’m happy to report my kids like McDonalds best too!

First of all, I’d like to set the record straight: fast food slows me down, so I’m not proud that I am about to extol the merits of my favorite fast food.

Heather is a McDonald’s person and I am a Burger King person. Let it be noted that Heather prefers McDonald’s not because of the hamburgers, but mostly because of the French fries. See, BK fries are beneath her. Let it also be noted that Heather is supposed to be the one who is more adventurous than me when it comes to food, but as concerns fast food she’s stuck in a rut. I don’t even have to ask “what do you want” anymore, for Pete’s sake. Quarterpounderwithcheese,friesandacokelight. By contrast, when I go to McDonald’s I like to try out the varied delicacies: Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with cheese (hold the ketchup and mustard), Chicken Sandwich, Chicken McNuggets (plain, without sauce—I’m not much of a sauce person, you know, although Heather does think me rather saucy).

Now that I’ve “dissed” the competition (yes, I can talk Snoop gangstah too, fo’ shizzle) it’s pretty clear to see why my favorite fast food restaurant is…


How’s that for a surprise ending? You just can’t beat those curly fries, ya know. Make ‘em extra large with a chocolate shake (NOT Jamocha—who likes the taste of bitter coffee when you want something sweet? Oh yeah-Heather does. What can I say? She’s one crazy gal.)


John Carlson said...

Abry's is the grossest place to eat on the earth, and you are less human for eating there.

Troy and Heather Cady said...

Thank you, John. We appreciate your support.

Now go away unless you can say something nice :)

Mary said...

I loved fake mashed potatoes. and sporks:)