Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Free Ice cream

To be honest, I am not a big fan of April, as in, the month. For one thing, it’s the month in which my Mom died. For another, it’s the month I have to take the car in for its annual inspection, which I always dread. That is one of those jobs Troy would do if we lived in America, but here it’s easier for me to do, for various reasons.

Every April, though, there is something that makes the month worth-while. Free ice cream! Yep, for the past 4 or 5 years, our family has been diligently attending Ben and Jerry’s free ice cream day (I think it’s technically free CONE day, but in Spain you get a little tub of ice cream.)

We have managed to avoid the mobs at the more central locations and choose to go to one of their locations in various malls. Usually we go right after school. That means around 4 o’clock and the line is minuscule. So miniscule in fact, that it allows for three or four trips through the line. The nice employees at Ben & Jerry’s don’t mind; it’s not THEIR money!

Yesterday, I had to work at Red Hat, so we went at 7 and we were quite dismayed by a much longer line than we are used to. As we waited in line, we toyed with the idea of standing in line again while we ate our first round, but we decided not to be gluttons. For once.

Ben & Jerry’s Annual Free Ice Cream day is proof that humans are evolving. At least some of us, anyway.

It’s amazing what free ice cream does to one’s behavior. Yesterday we arrived at the mall and walked quickly, craning our necks in the direction of the Ben & Jerry’s retail point. As soon as I saw the line, my heart dropped and I began plotting: what strategy would I employ to make the most of someone else’s generosity? Last year we practically walked right up to the counter—four or five times—and ordered what we wanted, when we wanted it. There’s nothing like the thrill of ordering exotic ice cream flavors willy-nilly, free of charge. (By the way, “Willy-Nilly” should be the name for Ben & Jerry’s next flavor creation. It goes well with flavor names like Chunky Monkey and Chubby Hubby, I think.)

Anyway, back to yesterday: The first thing I noticed while standing in line was someone just ahead of us eating their ice cream while cueing up for their next round. I thought, “That’s what I’m going to do. That’s smart.”

But, alas: we didn’t. I had my one scoop of mint something-or-other and we went home. Nevertheless, even though the ice cream dosage was smaller this year, it was still worth it.

One final highlight: Nic tried something other than vanilla this year. And, uh, Heather got something other than chocolate for once.

One of those two statements is false. You pick which.


Kimberly said...

BE GLUTTONS!! It's more fun. Plus you were supposed to eat more for me since I couldn't go. More items, in order:
1. Heather: you're not not a fan of April, as in, the person? That's good. She's a nice person.
B. Troy: I pick Heather not getting chocolate as false, and I promote you to buy ME an ice cream sundae for guessing right.
iii. perhaps as a thank-you for taking such good care of our doggie we mayhaps might treat you to some Ben & Jerry's if you so please. Whoever sees this first gets to pick the flavor. GO!

Troy and Heather Cady said...

I win, I win! It's Heather.Anything with chocolate. :) As in the ice cream has to be chocolate, with more chocolate. Like chocolate fudge brownie.

Being gluttons is more fun when you don't have to stand in line to do it :(

And yes on the April thing, why do you think I qualified "the month"?

Have fun getting hitched again.

spain dad said...

Way to be adventurous Nic and Heather!