Wednesday, April 2, 2008


7:10- Get the kids out of bed

7:11- The kids are now in our bed, cuddling with Mom.

7:12- Shower and shave, perhaps pass gas.

7:25- Come out of the bathroom and receive a smack on the butt from daughter (yes, no kidding, every morning). Get dressed and commence goofing around. Will it be knock-knock jokes or animal noises this morning?

7:30- I put on the tea kettle, and fill kid orders for breakfast. Heather makes the coffee, taking care to leave cold milk for Dad. Somewhere in this time block: yell at dog.

7:40- Dad pours milk on cereal. All family members take note. The scarfing has begun; consumption of mass quantities.

But keep goofing around. Mom rolls eyes. Somewhere towards the end of this time block: yell at kids because they won’t settle down for morning prayers. For some reason, they got all riled up.

7:52- Say morning prayers. Read Bible stories, and close with a blessing.

8:03- Kids get dressed for school. Mom supervises them while doing something on computer. Dad cleans kitchen, listens to music while doing so.

8:22- Wiping counters down, gathering recycling to take out.

8:26- Brushing teeth and, uh, somethin’ else I’d rather not mention.

8:30- Coats on, two poop bags prepped, kids grab recycling to take out. By now dog is jumping around like a kangaroo on crack. Put dog in strait jacket and go out door.

This is our morning routine. Believe it or not, this gives my life meaning.

I find it slightly ironic that I am writing about routine because it seems like I have had precious little of it in my life lately. I do like routine a lot though, and I miss it when it's gone. I think I am going to be able to make friends with it again next week at least for my own schedule but April is still going to be sort of a wonky month because Troy has a couple of out-of-the-ordinary things on his plate.

Here are some routines I dislike:

Having to take our 14- year old car in for inspection every April.

Putting money in our Spanish bank account every month and waiting on pins and needles for the rent to come out before some other random bill comes out and leaves the account just shy of what will cover rent.

Withdrawing money and finding out the exchange rate improved the next day.

Having to drag myself and the kids out of bed after the spring time change.

Those things may not sound like routines to you but I guarantee you they happen with alarming regularity.

Now for more pleasant routines:

Putting whipped cream on my coffee on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Putting the feather duvet in the duvet cover as soon as it's cool enough at night.

Morning cuddles.

Spending time on the balcony in the hammocks or at my little table when the weather turns warm.

Sunday afternoon naps.

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