Friday, May 23, 2008


I have a fascination for RV’s that’s frankly unexplainable. I like RV’s because they are little movable houses. When I was little I liked playing house; I think of RV’s as “playing house” on crack.

Some of my fondest memories are of camping in my dad’s pop-up camper. That was a little like playing house, too. My grandma had an RV that we stayed in a couple times. That was like staying in The Ritz of campers. ( I remember playing Pit in grandma’s RV but, because someone was trying to sleep, we had to play it silently. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard, and it would not surprise me if grandma did.)

I like cars and I like road trips, so what better than a road trip accompanied by the scent of home-cooked fried chicken and a Coke pulled out of your vehicle’s fridge?

I like the little tables and curtains and the toilet—don’t get me started on RV toilets; those things are just too AWESOME. There’s nothing like being able to relieve oneself on the highway.

Some day it would do my heart good to go on a road trip across Amuhricuh in an RV with orange shag carpeting, brown couch cushions, harvest gold cupboards and puce green plumbing fixtures. I’d have tumblers with Farah Fawcett pictures on ‘em and I’d wear cutoff shorts and man-clogs. I’d sing “Free Bird” by Lynrd Skynrd over and over again at high volumes. It’d be heavenly.

Troy has been going on for years about how we can buy a Winnebago/RV/camper/whatever theheckyouwanna call them when we are retired so we can travel around America and see the sights.

One summer furlough, our family drove a monstrous motor home from Florida to Michigan. It was not fun. The fridge didn’t work so we couldn’t really eat/prepare meals. My Dad was completely exhausted from wrestling that beast up the highway with semis practically blowing us off the road. Parking was a pain, and at the end of every day when the friends we were traveling with got a nice motel room, we had to stay in that contraption we had been driving in ALL day.

I admit, the IDEA of an RV may be tempting. They are definitely fun to look in when on display at State Fairs and so on. Their cozy little bedrooms and handy little compartments in which to store all your belongings may seem oh so appealing.

But really, with gas prices these days? And never mind that if you drive an RV, you either have to drive it EVERYWHERE, or you have to tow another smaller vehicle with you.

The ridiculous part of them is that you can buy an actual real live house for less than some of these things. This one costs $743,645!!!!!!

Personally I think we should buy a Mini Cooper convertible and see the sights after a good night's sleep in a decent (doesn't have to be fancy) hotel.


Victoria said...

okay, i have very, very strong feelings about rv's. if there were a hell on earth, i think it would be located inside an rv with shag carpeting, farrah faucet tumblers, and satan would be wearing cutoff shorts and man clogs. i think the only redeeming value of troy's dream vision is that the shag carpeting was orange. (no offense, troy, and i'm not calling you satan... unless you show up somewhere in this scenario and the doors of the rv are locked.)
i think the problem with rv's is that you have to drive them for long distances and can't get out of them and run around. it blasts me back to when i was like 7 and had to drive 15 hours to wherever and i was supposed to just sit there being content with whatever magnadoodle i was given. i dont even know the emotions im feeling right now.

Rachel said...

Ok after your blurking post, I had to comment. The RV in question has been dropped in is now a mere $560,000. Here is the kind of house you can get for that price in Lethbridge, where I live. (it's the second listing)

I know Shari Leaver (we are friends from Trinity), which is how I came to enjoy your blog! :)