Thursday, August 28, 2008


We don’t normally eat dessert after meals in our house (unless you count our son who asks for a cookie at 9:30 on Saturday mornings when he ate breakfast, oh, 45 minutes before.) When I was growing up, dessert was reserved for when we had company. Normally we just ate another spoon of mashed potatoes or something if we wanted something more to eat.

Since I don’t enjoy baking, I was happy to carry that tradition on with my own family. If they do want something sweet after a meal, their choices usually consist of yogurt or a store-bought cookie. Nothing but the finest for my family.

Here are my favorite desserts, if I don’t have to make them myself:
Tiramisu (My favorite is at La Finca de Susana here in Madrid.)
Brownies (from a box is just fine.)
April’s warm chocolate chip cookies.
Kim’s chocolate cakey pudding thingies (do you notice a trend in the fact that OTHER PEOPLE make these?)
Ice cream (not vanilla, unless there is plenty of chocolate sauce).
Cheesecake (Carolyn’s, with caramel sauce whenever possible. Or Café Latte’s chocolate raspberry. I’m warning you, don’t click that link unless you can get in your car and go over there. RIGHT NOW.)
In a pinch, a few squares of Valor’s sugar free dark chocolate with almonds.

And now I need to go run 100 miles, if you’ll excuse me. Except, oh yeah, I don’t run any more than I bake. Oh well!

I had to ask Heather if the topic she selected was to be written in the singular form or the plural form. She opted for the singular, but I think it should be plural.

This tells you how much I like me a heap o’ dessert.

My fav: strawberry shortcake.

If I cannot get that, I will settle for:
-ice cream—any kind except coffee flavored
-cookies, especially homemade peanut butter or chocolate chip or Christmas cookies or snickerdoodles or ginger snaps or snickerdoodles.

Yes, I’m aware I’ve written the word “snickerdoodles” twice. It’s such an interesting word I just couldn’t pass up writing it again.

I also like cake, any kind: chocolate, white, yellow, marble, purple or limestone.

I adore pie, almost any kind: apple, cherry, blueberry, pumpkin, banana cream.

Cobbler’s awesome too, but could someone settle an issue that has perplexed me no end? What’s the difference between

-apple cobbler
-apple crisp
-apple crumble

Finally, no post on dessert would be complete without mentioning the fond memories I have eating mom’s pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and her bundt cake. I love the word “bundt” also. If someone could come up with a bundt snickerdoodle cake, that would make me extremely happy.

To sum up: I like dessert so much I think that if I couldn’t get anything “proper” I’d likely settle for a spoonful of raspberry jam.


Kim said...

Heather, why'd you have to go post a link to a dessert available only in MINNESOTA?! that's a bum deal.

also, I enjoy your description of the cake thingies.

Victoria said...

dude. limestone cake. i miss you guys.

curlyheadedtuba said...

Cobbler usually has a true dough crust-- either pie or biscuit. Crisps and crumbles are generally the same thing-- fruit topped with a crumbly topping that crisps during baking, usually made with brown sugar, butter, flour, and potentially oatmeal.

There's also something called a grunt-- like a cobbler made in a skillet, only the biscuit dough is dropped by spoonfuls into the fruit and cooked on the stovetop, creating a dumpling type thing.